5 personality types that you should avoid before starting a business!

Die Gründung eines eigenen Unternehmens ist für viele eine der aufregendsten Erfahrungen im Leben. Damit es soweit kommt ist es wichtig, das Vorhaben durchzudenken und sich mit den richtigen Leuten zu umgeben.

Negative opinions, thoughts and moods can very quickly lead to giving up without even having started. It is therefore important to keep the fire burning and to dare to take the step into self-employment.

You should stay away from the following characters as much as possible in the time before you start your business:

“You can’t give up your safe job” type

These people have a very high level of security awareness, which, however, usually misses the reality. Because no job is safe, even if it seems safe. Every day you can lose your job.

“There is so much competition – it never works” – type

Having many competitors on the market usually means that the market is quite large. Every market changes, has unused niches or undiscovered opportunities.

“The state destroys you as an entrepreneur with all the bureaucracy” – type

The media in particular dramatise the situation with bureaucracy and politics. Bad news brings more quota, clicks and readers than good news. At the end of the day, there are certainly one or two hurdles to overcome, but you are not out there alone. And most hurdles only happen once anyway and then they are off the table.

“Then you have no free minute and your whole life goes down the drain” – type

Independence means work – that’s right. But at the same time, self-employment brings a high degree of flexibility. You can use this flexibility to build exactly what you want in life.

“If you do not have 100.000 € you can forget about starting a business” – type

A little saved money reduces the risk when taking the step into self-employment. But for most projects, no huge sums are necessary. It is important to remain modest and not to live beyond one’s means. Then a start with little money will also work.

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