RiskPlayWin – From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs by conviction. Professionally, however, we have both “grown up” as employees. We can look back on a total of 22 years of professional experience in various industries. As employees of other companies, we have taken on exciting projects, gained valuable knowledge, made mistakes – and learned a lot from them. We loved breaking new ground professionally, taking responsibility and contributing our own ideas. Assessing and taking risks was right for us.

These qualities are the ideal basis for a life as an entrepreneur. We knew that – and therefore dared to take the step into self-employment in 2014 and 2015, one after the other. We are enthusiastic about our new life! And out of this passion RiskPlayWin was born in early 2016. For us, entrepreneurship is an indispensable part of a dynamic, future-oriented economy and with RiskPlayWin we want to promote it.

Katharine Eyre & Christian Wagner – Founders of RiskPlayWin