9 reasons why self-employment is the perfect life choice

You are still not sure whether self-employment is the right path for you? Maybe these 9 reasons will help you to convince yourself.

You can realise your life dream

Independence gives you the opportunity to do exactly what you have always wanted to do. You can try your own business idea, live your ideals & values and live life the way you like it.

You can change the world

Whether you have a large or small business, you will change the world a little bit with what you do. You can be a role model, you can create innovations and initiate long-term developments

You are more flexible in time

As an entrepreneur, you can plan your everyday life as you wish. You can decide on which days you want to work, whether you prefer to work in the evening or in the morning. You are also able to optimally combine your private life with your business life.

You are financially independent

In an employment situation you have a fixed monthly income and have to negotiate your salary regularly. As an entrepreneur, you have all financial matters under your own control. You define how much you want to work and earn.

You become more productive

As an employee, you may often have to attend inefficient meetings, take guidelines into account and coordinate the smallest details with other employees and superiors. It is therefore likely that as a self-employed person you will get twice as much done in the same time as an employee.

You will meet many interesting people

As an entrepreneur you come into contact with many people and many doors open that were previously closed. These people will inspire, motivate, support and challenge you. That makes life richer.

You will learn as much as never before

As an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with many new things and have freedoms that have not existed in your employee life until now. You will learn more than in your entire educational career.

You enjoy high social recognition

Entrepreneurs enjoy a high social prestige because they create jobs, create new products/services, take risks and dare to do things that others are often not prepared to do.

You will become more satisfied with your life overall

Because you are doing what you have always wanted to do and taking your life into your own hands, you will be happier with your life overall.

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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner
Founder RiskPlayWin | Owner & Founder of the digital marketing agencies morethandigital.com & PEAKFOCUS.agency