Sources of inspiration in business life

In our fast-moving times, we are faced with the challenge of constantly developing ourselves and generating new ideas.

In my experience, this is often only possible to a limited extent at a desk or in meetings. The best inspiring thoughts often come to me away from the desk.

Here are 9 sources of inspiration that I use in my everyday business as an entrepreneur:

Books, newspaper articles and blogs

I love to enter new worlds of thought through books, newspaper articles or blog posts. Often reading opens new doors, delivers knowledge I didn’t have before or challenges me with critical approaches. From this diversity, new, tangible ideas often emerge that help me in my everyday business life. Often even the best ideas come from reading material that has absolutely nothing to do with my daily work. The potential here lies in the fact that you can adopt a new perspective that you would probably never have used otherwise.


Movement brings oxygen to the brain. A 10 minute walk can often work wonders for body and mind. Especially if you are sitting in the office, urgently looking for an idea or solution and are not in top shape, it is often the best and most efficient way to get up a round to go around the block to get some oxygen. Sometimes the ideas still come during the walk, but often the new energy leads to the fact that you can approach the task at work with a sharper brain and spirit.


Strange cities, new smells and mysterious people, but also the distance to everyday life, bring momentum to the brain and create new thoughts that would never arise in a normal environment. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, I consider travel to be one of the most important sources of inspiration of all. By travel I do not mean the all-inclusive offer in a bathing resort, but the active discovery of new environments I have never been to before.

Talks and discussions

Sometimes it happens that you just can’t get anywhere on your own and can’t find an idea. In these cases you have to talk to other people. These do not necessarily have to be employees in your own company, but can also have external or private contacts. Often, it is precisely this external view that produces new great ideas.


Especially when ideas are needed for daily business, customers are often a perfect source of inspiration, because in the end it is often the customers who benefit from ideas afterwards. It is not always the direct conversation that provides the necessary inspiration, often just observing or listening is enough.


Similar to walks, sport often helps you to get new ideas. When swimming, climbing or hiking, for example, I often manage to switch off completely and quickly get away from everyday life. These are exactly the best conditions for new ideas and solutions to flow into my brain.


For many years I have always had something to write on within reach of my bed. Whether you like it or not, you take your thoughts with you to bed every evening and in your subconscious, a small fire still burns half asleep. Of course, this can lead to waking up in panic every now and then and thinking about something important that has been left lying around, but the opposite can just as well happen: A super great idea.

Final thoughts

In the end, everyone has their own sources of inspiration, which work more or less well. The important thing is to observe yourself and see how, where and why ideas suddenly come up. Recognising these patterns makes it easier to create the right personal framework for inspiration in situations where quick ideas are needed.


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