40+ ways to ruin the atmosphere in your company as a boss

You don’t want to become the most unpopular boss in history?

Then you should avoid the following 41 things in your company:

  1. Lie to your employees to the biggest possible extent
  2. Overburden your employees
  3. Assign unnecessary tasks to your employees
  4. Do not praise your employees
  5. Refuse any pay rise
  6. Pay different salaries for the same performance
  7. Let your employees pay for coffee & water
  8. Dismiss employees after a good financial year
  9. Replace permanent employees with interns
  10. Set targets at an unattainable level
  11. Prohibit any flexibility in the organisation of working time
  12. Reorganise the departments every 2 months
  13. Yell at your employees publicly in meetings
  14. Demand that your employees are also available after hours, at weekends and on holiday
  15. Make sure that the technical infrastructure such as computers & software never works perfectly
  16. Reject any constructive suggestion from your employees
  17. Always arrive ¼ Hour late for appointments
  18. Never set an agenda for meetings
  19. Never inform your employees about how you took a decision
  20. Ask all employees who went home before 20:00 why they left the office so early
  21. Ban birthday parties
  22. Cut salaries and departmental budgets and buy a new fancy company car
  23. Deny more than one week’s holiday in a row
  24. Demand overtime – but do not pay for it
  25. Have your employees’ e-mails and Internet activities monitored
  26. Install surveillance cameras anywhere in the office
  27. Also ask your employees to come to the office in case of illness
  28. Never admit that you make mistakes
  29. Never be available for the employees
  30. Do not reply to your employees’ e-mails
  31. Forget the 20-year anniversary of your employees
  32. Do not have broken things repaired in the company
  33. Rent an office in the worst area of your city
  34. Let the staff clean the toilets themselves
  35. Tell the cleaning lady to throw away all Post-Its and documents on the desks every evening
  36. Share the bitten-off sandwich leftovers from customer meetings with your employees
  37. Put your employees in an open-plan office without any privacy
  38. Do not give new employees any kind of introduction
  39. Offer no career and promotion opportunities
  40. Organise unpaid teambuilding days on weekends where your employees have to dance in circles holding hands
  41. Have each work step documented to the minute in an internal system
  42. Discriminate employees on the basis of gender, religion or sexual orientation
  43. Prevent the establishment of a works council

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