5 business habits that cost nothing but bring a lot

A successful company includes a product that meets an existing need, has healthy finances and strong customer relationships. When it comes to inspiring and maintaining customer confidence, it is often the small things in everyday life that make the biggest impact.The customer will be happy about these 5 basic pleasures – and this will help to bind the customer to your company.

Acknowledge receipt of documents, etc.

There is nothing more annoying than sending someone important documents or information and not giving them a sign that they have received them. One remains stuck on this uncertainty and can no longer concentrate properly. It is even worse when the documents sent contain confidential information.

Help the customer by sending him a short confirmation. This not only shows attentiveness, but also takes away the worry that his documents have fallen into the wrong hands.

But even if the correspondence does not contain any documents, you should…

Answer every e-mail

Recently, I myself was annoyed by a business partner who – even with explicit questions – often simply did not answer. Did he overlook or simply ignore my questions? This way I was always “stuck” – which made the cooperation unnecessarily difficult.

Even if you are under time pressure, you should take the time to write back – even if you think the question asked is unnecessary. That way you avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary annoyance.

Calling back for missed calls

If a customer has not been able to reach you on the phone, don’t forget to call back. This is actually quite obvious. In times of stress, it is easy to fall into the ” he will call back” trap. This is not well received by the customer – after all, you are the service provider! If you keep putting him off calling again and again, he won’t be able to keep up with you at some point.

Be clear and binding in your communication

Just like you, the customer must plan and organise his work. He will be very grateful if you tell him clearly when he can expect an answer from you or when you can be reached by phone. Clarity and transparency in communication strengthen trust; cooperation is smoother and more efficient.

Say “thank you”

A short e-mail to thank the customer is not annoying spam, but a basic courtesy. Many people still don’t do it. This is a mistake! This small sign of appreciation oils the small wheels in the machinery of the business relationship and ensures that it continues to run “as if on rails”.

Photo: Steven Depolo

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