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Want to find new employees for your business? Finding qualified and dedicated employees can be a challenge, but with the right recruiting ideas and strategies, you can attract the best talent to your team. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 30+ innovative ideas you can use to uniquely engage potential candidates and get them excited about your company. From employee storytelling to referral programs, we’ll show you how to take your recruiting strategy to the next level.

Find employees with social media

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to showcase your company and job openings. Reach a larger audience by being active on social media. Publish posts that showcase your company culture and team to engage potential candidates. Regularly post job openings and link to your career page to direct candidates to you.

Post on digital job boards

Post your job openings on job boards like Stepstone, Monster and Indeed to reach more candidates. Make sure you write a strong job description and include relevant keywords so it can be found by the right candidates. Check your settings regularly to make sure your ads are being served to the right sites.

Publish employer reviews

Post positive reviews of your employees on review sites like Glassdoor to attract potential candidates. When your employees share their experiences and express their enthusiasm for your company, it can increase your company’s trust and credibility. Make sure you respond appropriately to negative reviews to address any potential concerns.


Find employees at networking events. Networking events such as meetups, conferences and industry events give you the opportunity to connect directly with candidates. Network with other professionals in your industry and introduce your company. Meeting in person can help generate interest in your company and give potential candidates an idea of what it would be like to work for you.

Employee recommendations

Hire your employees and ask them if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your team. Your employees know your company and culture best and can help you find new employees who are a perfect fit for your team. Encourage your employees to share open positions within their network and reward them for successful referrals.

Optimize career page

Make your career page appealing and informative to attract potential applicants. Make sure your career page includes information about your culture, mission and values. Use visual elements like images and videos to give a sense of what it’s like to work for your company. Make it easy for candidates to apply by providing clear instructions and a simple application process.


Employment bonus

Offer a hiring bonus for employees who refer potential candidates who are eventually hired. A hiring bonus can motivate your employees to actively seek out candidates and make referrals. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as you gain valuable new employees while your existing employees receive additional benefits.

Job fairs

Participating in job fairs is a great way to connect directly with potential applicants and find employees. Many universities, colleges and other institutions host job fairs for their students or graduates. At these fairs, you can showcase your company, present open positions, and give potential candidates a better understanding of your industry and company.

Employer Branding

Work on your employer brand to impress potential candidates. For example, you can feature your employees in social media posts, blog articles or videos, or share positive reviews on rating portals. The employer brand should convey an authentic image of your corporate culture and working conditions to attract the interest of potential candidates.

Personalized email campaigns

Create personalized email campaigns to find employees and make them aware of job openings. For example, you can use your existing contacts or applicant lists to send personalized messages with information about job openings and your company. It’s important to tailor your emails to each recipient to achieve higher open and click-through rates.

Offer internships

Offer internships or part-time jobs for students or young professionals to develop talent and identify potential employees. Interns can gain valuable experience during their internship, and you can assess their skills and potential for long-term employment at the same time.

Employee events

Host employee events such as summer parties, Christmas parties or team building events to reward and motivate your employees. Such events can help create a positive work atmosphere and at the same time attract the interest of potential candidates who want to see how your company works and what its culture is like.


Search engine advertising

A great way to make potential candidates aware of job openings is to use targeted search engine advertising on Google or Bing. By placing ads that are specifically targeted to the search terms and interests of potential candidates, you can achieve higher visibility for your open positions and attract more qualified applicants.


Use fun elements to excite and engage potential candidates. For example, you can create an online game or quiz where participants have to answer questions to learn more about your company or open positions. Such fun elements can pique candidates’ interest and give them a better understanding of your company.

Salary comparisons

Publish salary comparisons for open positions to convince potential candidates. For example, you can post salary information for specific positions on your careers page to convince potential candidates that your company is fair and transparent. If you offer an attractive salary, you can stand out from other companies and motivate potential candidates to apply to you.

Personalized videos

Create personalized videos to make potential candidates aware of your company and open positions. In these videos, you can introduce your company and the job, and give an insight into your culture and working conditions. Personalized videos are an effective way to capture candidates’ interest and give them a better understanding of your company.

Live chats

Use live chats on your career site to help potential candidates and answer questions. For example, you can set up a chat bot that automatically responds to frequently asked questions, or offer a live chat with a staff member who can help candidates further. Through live chats, you can increase engagement from potential candidates and provide them with a positive application experience.

Optimize online application process

Optimize the online application process to support potential candidates and achieve a higher application rate. Make sure that the application process is simple and user-friendly and does not require too many steps. You should also make sure that the application process works on mobile devices, as many applicants search for jobs on their smartphones.

Job shadowing

One way of getting to know potential applicants better is job shadowing. This allows them to look over the shoulder of an employee at work for a day and thus gain an insight into the working conditions and requirements of the open position. Job shadowing allows applicants to experience what the day-to-day work at the company is like and what skills and competencies are required for the position. This enables them to better assess whether the position fits their ideas and skills and whether they would like to apply for it.

Targeted ads

Place targeted ads on social media or other platforms to reach potential candidates. For example, you can run ads based on location, industry, or other demographics to better reach your target audience. Targeted ads can help your company get noticed by the right candidates.

Employee Storytelling

Use employee storytelling to engage potential candidates and strengthen your employer brand. Employees can share their stories about what it’s like to work for your company and what they like about their job. Through employee storytelling, potential candidates can get a better understanding of what it’s like to work for your company and the opportunities it offers.


Target group analysis

If you want to find employees, you should analyze your target group and understand their interests, needs and motivations in order to develop targeted recruiting strategies. By understanding the needs of your target audience, you can better tailor your message and your job offers to appeal to them and convince them.

Flexibility in working hours

Those who want to find employees and are stuck with rigid work schedules will have a harder time. Offer flexible work schedules or remote work options to appeal to potential candidates looking for work-life balance. Many employees today are looking for a flexible work environment that allows them to balance their work with their personal lives.

Insightful job ads

Write insightful job ads to attract potential candidates. Make sure your job ads are accurate and precise, and clearly describe the requirements and expectations of the position. Avoid jargon or overly complicated wording to ensure that your job ads can be understood by all potential candidates.

Creativity to find employees

Finding employees. This can also work with a creative recruiting strategy. Think outside the box! For example, you can create a TikTok video to alert potential candidates to open positions or launch an online campaign with a unique theme. Creativity can help your company get noticed by potential candidates and stand out from other companies.

Speed dating interviews:

Organize speed dating interviews where potential candidates can talk to different employees and ask questions in a short period of time. This unusual method can help candidates demonstrate their communication skills and get a better idea of the company culture

Crowdsourcing Recruiting

Use crowdsourcing recruiting by asking potential candidates for ideas for new job postings or recruiting strategies via social media or other platforms. You can also ask for recommendations for potential candidates that someone in their network knows. Through crowdsourcing recruiting, you can gain greater reach and benefit from the ideas and experiences of others.


Optimize your job ads and career page for SEO so that they are better found by potential candidates in search queries. For example, you can use relevant keywords in the job ads and make sure that the career page is well-structured and user-friendly.

Finding employees through targeted headhunting

Search specifically for talented employees from other companies who might be a good fit for your open position. For example, you can search for potential candidates on LinkedIn or other job portals and contact them directly.

Offer better working conditions

Offer better working conditions than the competition to attract talented employees. For example, you can offer more flexible working hours, better salaries or additional benefits such as private health insurance or training opportunities.

Networking at industry events

Attend industry events and network with talented employees from other companies. By networking at industry events, you can meet potential candidates and make them aware of your company.

Vacation days and free time

Offer generous vacation days and recreational opportunities to promote employee relaxation and well-being. For example, you can offer extra vacation days or organize regular company outings to reward and motivate employees.

Talent contests

Organize talent competitions where applicants can demonstrate their skills and compete for an open position. This method can help applicants showcase their skills and stand out from other candidates.

Participation in the success of the company

Offer employees a stake in the company’s success by offering stock options or employee shares, for example. This method can help employees identify more strongly with the company and commit to its success.

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