Guide: Create website briefing for agency

Your company needs a new website? But what questions must the website briefing for the online agency or freelancer include in order to develop a suitable solution for you?

Here are the most important questions that should be answered in your Website Briefing:

General questions in the website briefing

Goals, distribution of tasks & general conditions

  • What should your website aim to achieve? (e.g. generate sales, as many pageviews per visit as possible, landing page for advertising campaign, etc.)
  • What tasks should the agency take on? (e.g. conception, programming, creating content, etc.)
  • Which additional partners are involved? (e.g. graphic designer, management consultant, advertising agency, SEO agency, etc.)
  • What budget is available for the new website?
  • Until when do you need the offer?
  • By when should the website be ready?
  • What kind of support do you need from the agency after the website is finished?
  • How many feedback loops would you like?
  • hat additional expectations do you have of the new website? (e.g. loading time of less than one second, mobile optimisation)
  • Why do you want a new website?

Content, structural & technical questions in the website briefing


  • What does the desired website structure look like?


  • s there any existing content that needs to be integrated into the new website?
  • What content must be created by the agency?
  • What content do you or other project partners provide?
  • Who maintains the content/data?
  • Should the website have a blog?
  • Is there any visual material to be used on the website?


  • Is there a corporate design that should be taken into account in the design?
  • Are there existing website designs that you particularly like?


  • What functions should the new website have? (forms, sharing functions, configurators, external interfaces etc.)
  • Should the website be in several languages?
  • Do you want certain functions for the administration of the website?


  • Is there a particular content management system you prefer? (e.g. WordPress, Typo3 etc.)
  • What special requirements should the website have in terms of data protection?
  • What kind of tracking needs to be integrated into the website? (e.g. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics, etc.)

Search engines

  • Should the website be optimised in such a way that the best possible ranking for certain search queries is achieved (SEO)? If so, for which terms?

Website Briefing for online shops

  • If you are planning an online shop, you should also answer the following questions in your website briefing:
  • How many products do you want to list?
  • Do you want products that can be configured by the users later? (e.g. compilation of content for a muesli box, bike configurator, etc.)
  • Which payment options do you want to offer your customers in the shop?
  • Is a connection to an external data interface necessary?
  • How would you like the ordering process to work?


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