30 ways in which you as a boss can improve the working atmosphere in your company

A good working atmosphere is essential for the functioning of a business. With the following 30 methods you can positively influence the mood in the company:

  1. Praise your employees for good work
  2. Offer your employees internal development prospects
  3. Pay your employees transparently and fairly
  4. Let your employees benefit from the success of the company
  5. Bear social responsibility as an employer
  6. Be open to constructive suggestions from your employees
  7. Talk openly about problems and try to find a solution together
  8. Make sure that the employees feel comfortable
  9. Encourage your employees to take holidays
  10. Make sure that your employees can relax in their free time and that they are allowed to be unavailable at times.
  11. Create a functioning IT & technical infrastructure
  12. Celebrate success in the company
  13. Create flexible working time models with which your employees can optimally balance their private and working lives
  14. Give employees the opportunity for further training
  15. Stand by your employees even if something is not going as well as it should
  16. Make sure that the sanitary facilities are clean
  17. Provide your employees with good coffee, drinks & fruit
  18. Offer retreats in which your employees can work undisturbed and concentrated if necessary
  19. Trust your employees and give them the flexibility to organise their work processes
  20. Take time to introduce new employees to the company
  21. Give employees the opportunity to try out new ideas
  22. Accept your employees’ mistakes and create an open culture of improvement
  23. Provide pleasant office space in which the employees feel comfortable
  24. Make sure that your company does not become a bureaucracy monster, but that employees can concentrate on their actual work
  25. Organise small spontaneous surprises for employees
  26. Create the framework conditions so that an employee can stay at home without worry/stress or a guilty conscience in the event of illness
  27. If you are in a bad mood, keep it to yourself and do not pass it on to your staff
  28. Have an open information policy in your company so that employees feel involved
  29. Allow your employees a little freedom in designing their workplace where they are likely to spend most of their working day
  30. Also make sure that your managers also consistently implement the methods mentioned

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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner
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