Checklist: 16 things to test before you go live with your company website.

Your website is about to go live? Take your time and check the following 15 important questions to ensure a smooth start.

Test contents of the new website

1. Are there still spelling errors on the website?

2. Was all content removed that was only included for test purposes (e.g. products, filler texts, articles, etc.)

3. Do all links that were set on the website work? (e.g. social media icons, menus, external links, etc.)

Check the design of the website

4. Is the website displayed correctly in the most popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari?

5. Is the website displayed correctly on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones?

6. Is the important content of the website easily and quickly accessible for the user?

Testing the technology of the website

7. Is the loading time of the website within an acceptable range? (Tool for testing the loading time: Pingdom Webspeed Test)

8. Do all functions on the website work correctly? (e.g. online shop, price calculator, etc.)

9. Have meta-descriptions and titles been entered so that the search engine displays the website in the best possible way in the search results?

10. Has an XML sitemap been created so that the search engine can index the website? (Free tool for creating a sitemap:

11. Will the old website URLs redirect to the new website after the switch?

12. Has the web analytics software already been integrated? Were tags for conversion tracking integrated?

13. Do the emails sent through online forms arrive?

Legal check

14. Are imprint & general terms and conditions added?

15. Has all necessary copyright and licence information been integrated into the imprint?

16. Have all cookies been properly implemented and does the website comply with current data protection requirements?

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