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Are you considering starting a cleaning company or do you want to become more successful with your existing cleaning business? Here you will find over 75 tips that can help you! The success story of your cleaning company begins with a clear specialization and a well-thought-out business idea. The market is diverse and offers room for different orientations, be it focusing on certain customer groups or offering special cleaning services.

Pricing, technology and innovation, customer reviews, as well as further education and certification also play an important role in positioning the company. In the further course of this article, we will take a closer look at the various strategies from customer acquisition to quality assurance to sustainability and efficiency improvement. We will also show how a motivated and well-trained team can make a difference. With these tips, you are well prepared to lead your cleaning company to success.

How to successfully differentiate oneself as a cleaning company in the market

The positioning of your cleaning company in the market strongly depends on your specialization and your business idea. Here are some ways you can specialize and differentiate:

  1. Specialization on a particular customer group: Decide whether you want to focus on certain customer groups such as private households, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, or schools and industrial companies.
  2. Offer special cleaning services: Consider whether you want to offer special services such as basic cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or final cleaning for apartments and business premises.
  3. Pricing models: You can also position yourself in the market through the price. Do you want to appeal to price-conscious customers or be active in the premium segment? The pricing itself is also a distinguishing feature. You can offer fixed flat-rate pricing models, work on an hourly basis, or for example, grant quantity discounts. In general, the more transparent the prices are, the higher the trust in your company.
  4. Guarantees: You can also differentiate yourself from other cleaning companies in the market with guarantee promises (e.g. in the form of a money-back guarantee).
  5. Technology and Innovation: Use modern technologies to offer more efficient cleaning services. For example, automated booking systems, innovative cleaning devices, or apps for communication with customers can make your company modern and attractive.
  6. Customer reviews and testimonials: Collect positive reviews from satisfied customers and present them on your website and on social media. Good reviews can greatly increase the credibility of your company.
  7. Further education and certifications: Invest in the training and further education of your employees and acquire industry certificates. This shows competence and commitment to the quality and professionalism of your services.
  8. Other differentiations: Besides the above-mentioned possibilities, there are countless other ways to position yourself. For example, you can position yourself as an ecological service provider by offering environmentally friendly cleaning agents, or show yourself as a fair employer by paying your cleaning staff good wages and ensuring good working conditions.

Marketing Ideas: How a Cleaning Company Can Attract Customers

Here are some ideas on how you can attract new customers with your cleaning company:

  1. Build Online Presence: Create a professional, user-friendly website with clear information on your services, prices, and contact details. Make sure the website is also mobile-friendly.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website to achieve higher visibility for relevant search queries in the search results of Google & Bing. Agencies like can help you with this. Here is an article from us that delves deeper into the topic of SEO.
  3. Utilize Social Media: Create profiles on relevant social media platforms and regularly share updates (e.g. promotions, insights into your work) and customer reviews.
  4. Collect Online Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on review platforms or on Google. Create small business cards for this purpose that you can give to customers to remind them, and give each customer a small token of appreciation for a positive review.
  5. Online Advertising: Use local online advertising like search engine advertising with Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, to reach potential customers.
  6. Industry Directories: List your company in the industry directories for cleaning companies.
  7. Promote Word-of-Mouth: Encourage satisfied customers to recommend your services and reward them for every referred potential customer.
  8. Discount Promotions: Offer time-limited discounts or special promotions for new customers.
  9. Customer Retention: Create a loyalty program to reward and retain regular customers.
  10. Professional Business Cards: Design and distribute professional business cards that are easy to understand and remember.
  11. Before-After Photos: Show the results of your work through before-after photos on your website and on social media.
  12. Collaborations & Networking: Collaborate with property management companies, construction companies, or moving companies to receive mutual recommendations. Network with local businesses and other service providers to see if there are opportunities for collaboration.

How to Keep Customers Happy and Retained with Your Cleaning Company

  1. High-Quality Services: Offer consistent and high-quality cleaning services to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Punctuality and Reliability: Always be on time and reliably meet the expectations of customers.
  3. Clear Communication: Communicate openly and honestly with customers, inform them about possible issues and solutions… and if something has gone wrong, seek conversation and be open.
  4. Customizable Services: Offer flexible services tailored to the individual needs and preferences of customers.
  5. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service, be accessible for questions and concerns.
  6. Transparent Pricing: Offer clear and transparent pricing so that customers know what to expect.
  7. Track Satisfaction: Conduct regular satisfaction surveys with your customers to learn how satisfied they are and what your company could do better.
  8. Regular Updates and Offers: Keep customers updated with regular updates on new services, offers or company news.
  9. Professional Appearance: Train your team to behave professionally and ensure that their work attire is clean and well-kept.
  10. Personal Contact: Be attentive to your customers and offer them a personal contact they can turn to at any time.
  11. Avoid Lock-In Contracts: Show that you believe in the good work of your cleaning company and make it easy for people to exit a contract.
  12. Be Better Than the Competition: Always strive to be better than your competitors in the market and stand out as a cleaning service provider. This way you retain your customers and prevent them from switching to the competition.
  13. Say Thank You: Don’t forget to thank customers for good cooperation now and then. Reward loyal customers with small gifts.

Financial Management and Pricing: Establishing a Solid Financial Foundation

  1. Budget Planning: Create a detailed budget to monitor and manage your revenue and expenses.
  2. Pricing Strategy: Develop a clear pricing strategy that is both competitive and profitable.
  3. Cost Control: Monitor and reduce unnecessary expenses to increase profitability.
  4. Cash Flow Management: Ensure you have enough liquid assets to remain financially stable.
  5. Invoicing and Payment Processing: Establish an efficient system for invoicing and payment processing.
  6. Tax Planning: Plan ahead for taxes, utilize all available tax advantages, and rely on the expertise of a good tax advisor.
  7. Analysis: Regularly analyze the finances in your cleaning company and find out what optimization opportunities there are and whether all customers are profitable.
  8. Reserve Building: Build financial reserves for unexpected expenses or challenging times. These come in every company and you need to be prepared for them.
  9. Investing in Growth: Invest wisely in areas that promote the growth of your company, such as marketing or the acquisition of new equipment. For marketing, trust an agency that is familiar with customer acquisition and focuses on measurable successes.
  10. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: If problems are visible in your company, address them proactively and don’t wait until it’s too late or the situation gets worse.

Sustainability in Building Cleaning: Taking Ecological Responsibility

  1. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents: Use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents in your cleaning company to minimize environmental impact.
  2. Energy-Efficient Equipment: Invest in energy-efficient cleaning equipment and machines to reduce energy consumption.
  3. Water-Saving Techniques: Implement water-saving cleaning techniques and equipment to minimize water consumption.
  4. Reusable Materials: Use reusable cleaning cloths and mops to reduce waste.
  5. Recycling: Promote recycling within your company and with your customers.
  6. Training: Train staff in the use of eco-friendly cleaning methods and materials.
  7. Green Cleaning Certification: Consider obtaining a Green Cleaning Certification to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.
  8. Transparent Communication: Inform your customers about your sustainable practices and how they positively affect the environment.
  9. Seal for Customers: Offer your customers an environmental seal that they can display publicly to draw attention to eco-friendly cleaning.
  10. Local Products: If possible, source cleaning products and materials from local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint.
  11. Continuous Improvement: Review and update your sustainable practices regularly to further reduce environmental impact and stay up-to-date on the latest sustainable cleaning technologies.

Boosting Efficiency: How to Optimize Operations in a Cleaning Company

  1. Standardized Procedures: Create standardized checklists and workflows to improve efficiency and ensure the quality of work. Checklists for special events are also great, so that staff can react well (e.g., if something breaks during cleaning or in case a customer is not satisfied).
  2. Process Analysis: Analyze your current processes to identify areas that can be optimized.
  3. Automation: Utilize software solutions for automating scheduling, invoicing, and other administrative tasks.
  4. Regular Training: Provide regular training to your staff to ensure they are familiar with the most efficient cleaning techniques and equipment.
  5. High-Quality Equipment: Invest in high-quality, efficient, durable cleaning equipment and products to shorten working time and achieve better results.
  6. Route Planning: Plan the routes of your cleaning teams efficiently to minimize travel times and allow more jobs per day. The company portatour, for example, offers software for tour planning.
  7. Clear Communication: Ensure clear communication between management, employees, and customers to avoid misunderstandings and delays.
  8. Feedback Culture: Encourage feedback from your team and your customers to continuously learn and identify opportunities for improvement.
  9. Time Management: Promote good time management and set realistic time frames for the completion of cleaning tasks including buffer times.
  10. Proactive Maintenance: Keep your cleaning equipment well-maintained to avoid unexpected breakdowns and delays.
  11. Good Working Atmosphere: Create a good working atmosphere – because motivated, good-humored employees work better and more efficiently.

Employees: How to Build a Motivated and Good Team

  1. Right Hiring: Hire individuals who not only have the required skills, but also a positive attitude and willingness to collaborate.
  2. Clear Expectations: Communicate clear expectations regarding tasks, responsibilities, and company culture from the outset.
  3. Training: Provide regular training and further education opportunities to enhance your team’s skills and promote their career development.
  4. Recognition and Reward: Recognize hard work and successes of your team through rewards, praise, and Employee of the Month awards.
  5. Constructive Feedback: Provide constructive feedback and encourage your employees to do the same to promote a culture of continuous improvement.
  6. Good Working Conditions: Ensure safe, clean, and pleasant working conditions to increase satisfaction and productivity.
  7. Open Communication: Foster open communication where employees can share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions.
  8. Team-Building Activities: Organize team-building activities to promote trust and collaboration within the team.
  9. Flexible Working Hours: If possible, offer flexible working hours or shift schedules to support your employees’ work-life balance.
  10. Fair Salary and Benefits: Offer competitive salaries and benefits in your cleaning company to attract and retain qualified employees.

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