3 short tips on how to overcome motivation lows as an entrepreneur

We entrepreneurs are only human and sometimes there are days, sometimes weeks, maybe even months when we have to deal with lack of motivation. The result is that projects don’t make progress and in the worst case scenario even a loss of sales.

It is therefore important to find a way out of a low level of motivation as quickly as possible. The following 3 methods may be able to help you:

Getting going with small steps

The smaller a task is, the easier it is usually to get the job done. In order to get started it can therefore help to divide a big project into small feasible steps. As soon as you are back at work, your motivation will return.


Often motivation lows come after you have worked a lot and are a result of exhaustion. In this case it is important to consciously take time out to recharge your batteries and do things that give you positive energy:

  • Read an inspiring book or article
  • Doing sports
  • Meeting friends & families
  • Inserting a day without a screen and telephone
  • Walking or hiking to get fresh air
  • Take a short trip
  • Eat or drink

This time-out does not have to last long, often one hour is enough to regain energy. At the same time it is important to reduce all negative influences (e.g. negative people, annoying tasks, etc.) to a minimum.


Lows in motivation always have a cause. Sometimes it can already help if you simply talk to someone and talk openly about current problems and challenges. A positive, enriching conversation with friends, other entrepreneurs or your partner can release undreamt-of motivational forces here!

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