6 ways to increase traffic on your company website

The most beautiful company website is worthless if it has no visitors. Here are 6 easy ways to increase the qualitative traffic on your website:

Search engine optimisation

Free and good traffic you can get by a good ranking of your website in relevant search results. But for your website to be ranked well, some criteria must be fulfilled. First of all, your website has to show enough content so that the search engine can classify the topic of the website. Furthermore it is important that the website is technically optimised for search engines, because only then the search engine can judge what is important and what is not. Most importantly, however, it is to provide relevant and qualitative information for the users.

External links

Also with well placed external links you can get free traffic to your website. Simple examples include listing your website in business directories or adding the website to your LinkedIn profile.


With a useful blog you offer your existing website visitors a reason to visit your website again and again and in this way increase the traffic. In addition, good blog posts are shared in social networks and thus achieve additional reach. Blogs also offer advantages when it comes to SEO, as they increase the actuality of the website.

Public Relations

With press releases or guest contributions your company can become visible in affine online media and with a corresponding link also increase your website traffic.


With paid advertising (e.g. search engine advertising, banner ads, Facebook ads) you can also achieve qualitative traffic to your website with the right targeting. In addition to traffic, you also have the advantage of achieving additional reach with your business.

Social Media

Use social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterst to inform about your product or service or share useful content (e.g. latest blog post) with your target group. This way you will get more attention and also generate new website visitors.

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