10 questions you should ask yourself before briefing an advertising agency for a campaign

The briefing is one of the most important tasks when preparing an advertising campaign. The briefing ensures that the task is clear for everyone and that misunderstandings are avoided. These 10 questions help you to create a good agency briefing:

  1. What should be the primary objective of the advertising campaign?
  2. Who is the target group?
  3. Which product/offer should be advertised?
  4. Which services should the agency provide?
  5. What should the campaign necessarily include?
  6. Is there anything that should be avoided at all costs during the campaign?
  7. Are there any lessons from the past that should be taken into account for the new advertising campaign?
  8. What budget is available for the campaign?
  9. What is the desired outcome of the advertising campaign and how should it be measured?
  10. When should the campaign start and end?

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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner
Founder RiskPlayWin | Owner & Founder of the digital marketing agencies morethandigital.com & PEAKFOCUS.agency