5 advantages of a corporate blog

A blog has become an integral part of corporate communications. But is it worth the effort? Here are the most important advantages that you will have with a corporate blog.

1. Blogging for better SEO

A company blog offers you the opportunity to increase your organic search engine traffic and improve existing rankings. Search engines such as Google generally rate pages with a high degree of actuality better than pages that appear largely static. A blog can therefore offer you an SEO advantage here. On the other hand, it is possible to optimise individual blog posts for specific search queries and in this way generate qualitative target group traffic to the site.

2. Retain existing customers with a blog

You can use a company blog to stay in touch with your existing customers. But for this to really happen, you must also offer your customers added value in your articles. You can generate this, for example, by offering useful tips on how to use your products.

3. Blog as PR instrument

Blog posts are a perfect tool to make your company better known. On the one hand, you have the possibility to post your blog posts in target group relevant forums, business networks or social media to reach new potential customers. This not only increases user numbers, but also brand awareness.

4. Build trust

Especially in the service sector, it does not hurt to show the target audience that you are familiar with the subject area in which your services are offered, apart from the normal website content. Show professional competence with good professional articles and increase the chance that potential customers will contact you.

5. Blog as internal source of inspiration

What should not be underestimated is the power of a blog as an internal source of inspiration. The creation of new posts forces you to become acquainted with new topics and also to deal with your own issues away from the daily business.

Now you know the main advantages of a corporate blog. Now it’s just a matter of implementing the blog. How you can motivate yourself to write a blog, you can find out here.

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