How you as an entrepreneur get the necessary motivation to write a blog

Running a company blog means regular work. Not only is there work for writing, but also for researching, publishing and finally distributing. But as a rule, the effort is worthwhile both in terms of user loyalty and PR, but also for search engine optimisation.

Many small businesses and self-employed people want to take the subject of blogging into their own hands. But how do you create the time to publish a new post every week or every 14 days?

The solution is: With small steps to the goal

Plan 10-15 minutes each day to write a blog and make it a daily routine. This is enough time to write a little, but does not interfere with your regular daily routine.

In order to progress quickly and efficiently, it is also important to work in a structured way. The following procedure is recommended for creating a new blog post:

1. consider the topic and think about the customer benefit of the contribution
2. describe contents with keywords
3. use the keywords to plan the rough structure
4. write text
5. proofreading
6. select picture material if necessary
7. publish
8. distribution (e.g. via social networks)

As time goes by, you’ll see that writing new blog posts will become easier and easier for you and that the few minutes of time spent per day can make a big difference.

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Christian Wagner
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