10 reasons why there has never been a better time to start a business & become self-employed

We live in a great time. It has never been easier to venture into self-employment and start your own business than it is today. Not everything is perfect yet, but compared to the situation a few decades ago, there is little to complain about. In the following, you will learn why now is the right time to take the step into self-employment:

Many business ideas can be started without much financial risk

The digital age has brought with it the enormous advantage that for many business ventures you need nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. This means that the financial risk is much lower, and you can often work profitably more quickly.

Knowledge and experience are freely available

Another big advantage is that knowledge about self-employment is freely available on the web today. There is a multitude of offers that you can use to your advantage:

  • Freely accessible articles on a wide range of topics related to self-employment
  • Online courses where you can acquire specific knowledge
  • Online forums and portals where you can exchange information with like-minded people and ask questions.
  • Online offers from authorities and chambers of commerce, which have prepared a variety of topics on self-employment in an excellent way.

Digitalisation makes your life easier

Digitalisation is making it increasingly easy to start your own business. This starts with the fact that you can already set up a business online in many countries. But digitalisation also helps you to do your accounting easily on your computer. In the past, many tasks were time-consuming and complex. Now they are easy to do.

Globalisation opens markets

Just a few decades ago, large investments were necessary to expand your business into foreign markets. Thanks to digitalisation, international expansion has become almost child’s play for many business models. It is often enough to simply advertise in foreign markets to generate new business there.

You have many like-minded people

There are more and more people who are taking the step into self-employment. This has the advantage that you can exchange ideas with more and more people, but also set up partnerships.

There are alternative financing methods

In the past, the only way to finance your business venture was to borrow money from a bank. Nowadays, you have many additional ways to raise capital. Here are a few examples:

  • With crowdfunding, you can test the marketability of your product and have buyers pre-finance the production.
  • Start-up investors often lend money for bold ideas that a conventional bank would not grant you a loan for.
  • On crowdinvesting platforms, people who believe in your business idea can jointly give you a loan.

The location is less important

Nowadays, many entrepreneurial ventures often only require a computer and an internet connection. In addition, we live in a time when we can benefit from a multitude of great logistical service providers. All this brings with it the advantage that the business location is becoming less important. Even an ambitious founder in the deep Bavarian province can serve the world market with his online shop and perhaps even become the world market leader in his niche.

The market is more dynamic than ever. The diversity is incredible

Due to globalisation and digitalisation, you can nowadays be successful as a company even in very small niches and generate enough business.

Advertising opportunities are better than ever

A few years ago, it was still very difficult to precisely address your own target groups with advertising. The wastage was enormous, the necessary advertising costs were high and the efficiency was very low. Now, with intelligent online advertising, you can reach almost any target group, no matter how exotic. The best thing is that you can even measure the success.

Much has become measurable

In the past, many things were a black box and many decisions were based on a gut feeling rather than a solid data basis. Through digitalisation, business processes have become measurable down to the last detail. As a result, they can be optimised and made more efficient. This helps you to work more economically faster when starting a business and therefore to move forward more quickly.


Becoming self-employed and starting your own business has never been easier. Digitalisation and globalisation in particular have made things easier and created enormous opportunities. Now is the time to get started.

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