Customer orientation: 17 tips for good customer service

Anyone who wants to be successful in business cannot avoid customer-oriented behaviour.

But in the end, what is customer orientation all about?

Here are a few simple tips on how your company can also succeed in providing great customer service:

  1. Offer a great service and strive to constantly improve
  2. Be open to criticism and try to offer your customers constructive solutions to problems. (No matter if it is a complaint in the shop or a negative online rating)
  3. Ask your customers what you can do even better or what new product features they would like to see (e.g. with surveys, in a conversation)
  4. Keep the promises you make to your customers
  5. Try to exceed the expectations of your customers
  6. Take time for your customers and have an open ear
  7. Be friendly to your customers, spread a good mood and give them a good feeling
  8. Go the extra mile and show the customers that you care about them
  9. Read the online reviews of your company and your products and use the feedback to make your offer even better
  10. Respond to online reviews, say thank you and try to suggest a customer-oriented solution in case of criticism.
  11. Do not try to aggressively talk your customers into buying products
  12. Answer enquiries promptly and if this is not possible, write your customer back when you can expect an answer.
  13. Be there for your customers even after the purchase
  14. Do not rip off your customers, but be a fair
  15. Make your services as transparent as possible and gain the trust of your customers
  16. Admit mistakes you have made and learn from them
  17. Say thank you, because your customers are ultimately the ones who keep your business running


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