11 free marketing ideas

Good marketing does not always have to cost money. With these 10 free marketing ideas you as an entrepreneur can reach new customers and increase awareness.

1. Writing and sending out press releases

With a good press release you can ensure that journalists report about your company in relevant media. Through this coverage you make your company and products known and can reach potential new customers.

10 questions you should ask yourself when writing a press release

2. Offer free help

Offering a free small assistance service will in most cases only cost you time, but will create trust and gratitude in a potential customer. Under certain circumstances this can be the beginning of a long business relationship. However, it is important that you clearly communicate to the potential customer that this is a one-off free service.

3. Put your own business idea or product up for discussion in social networks

Meanwhile, the internet offers many different social networks, which address a wide range of target groups. Present your company in these social networks and ask the users how you can improve your business idea even further. For example, if you have opened a business for baby supplies, introduce yourself in Facebook groups where young mothers are on the move and ask them which products they often wish for but are hard to find. In this way you can draw the attention of the target group to your new shop for free and you can also learn more about the needs of the target group. You kill two birds with one stone. And this completely free of charge.

4. Networking

In every city there are regular events where you can get in touch with your target group. If your target group are entrepreneurs, you can, for example, attend free events organised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to make new business contacts.

5. Let someone else recommend you

A recommendation costs nothing, but is one of the most efficient channels for generating new customers. It is only important to address existing and satisfied customers, because for many, a recommendation may not automatically come to mind. An idea might be, for example, to include a note in the invoice that reads something like “Were you satisfied with us? We look forward to your recommendation”.

6. Use the signature of your e-mail for advertising messages

As an entrepreneur or self-employed person you write many e-mails to customers or business partners every day. You can use the e-mail signature not only to communicate your contact details, but also to draw attention to current offers. This is most effective if you highlight the offer in colour. In addition, it can help if you do not have these offers in the signature throughout, but only for a limited period of time. In this way, you prevent the recipients from being dulled.

7. “tear-off sheets”

Do you know these DinA4 sheets that are often hung in supermarkets or other public places where you can tear off an address to an offer? If so, then you will have noticed that it is rare that all tear-off addresses are still available. Use this free and easy advertising opportunity to draw attention to your service and reach new customers. The only important thing is that you place the tear-off addresses where your target group is travelling. If, for example, you offer yoga courses for pregnant women, ask in a baby supply shop whether you can place the note somewhere in the checkout area.

8. Become a guest author at a medium

As a guest author you can publicly display your ideas and knowledge in a blog or magazine. In this way you will make yourself and your company better known as a specialist. In addition, the guest contributions will show your target group that you are well versed in your field. The first thing you should think about is which blogs and media your target group uses. Then you should contact the respective editors and operators to explore the possibility of becoming a guest author.

9. Send e-mail newsletter to customers

Meanwhile there are a lot of free but professional newsletter systems (e.g. Mailchimp) on the market, which you can use to stay in contact with existing customers. In addition, you can integrate a newsletter subscription into your website to generate additional subscriptions. In any case, you should consider which legal requirements you have to fulfil in order to send e-mail newsletters to your customers.

10. Special offers for existing customers

In order to bind existing customers, you can make special offers that lead to repeated purchases or repeated use of your service. This can happen, for example, by giving customers a voucher at the time of purchase, which can be redeemed at the next purchase.Other methods include stamp cards, which are often used in the gastronomy sector. For example, if the customer has visited you 20 times, he or she will receive a free service at the 21st time.

11. Create a free online webinar

Online courses have become very popular in recent years. If your company provides consulting services for your customers, you can draw attention to your company and its expertise by means of a free online video course. Of course, it is important that you do not share all your knowledge with the target group so that they still have a reason to do business with you.

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Christian Wagner
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