10 questions you should ask yourself when writing a press release

Press relations are an important instrument in corporate communications. To ensure that press relations are also fruitful, you should consider the following questions when preparing press releases.

  1. What is the purpose of my press release?
  2. What target group do I want to reach with this press release?
  3. Which media/blogs are suitable to reach this target group?
  4. Which journalists/bloggers are the right recipients for the press release?
  5. Why exactly should the journalist use my press release as the basis for an article – what sets me apart?
  6. Which information is relevant for the target group?
  7. What is the most important information that belongs at the beginning of the press release?
  8. How can I summarise the key message of the press release in the title of the press release?
  9. Is the press release easy to understand?
  10. What extras can be added to the press release? (e.g. images for download, company portrait, product sample, etc.)

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