5 ways to save money in Google Ads

The fact that search engine advertising with Google Ads is in many cases an efficient advertising channel has now become well known. This is why competition is increasing in all sectors and the cost per conversion is rising.

Therefore, in the end it is important to have the best possible cost efficiency in the search engine campaign. Here are a few tips on how to save money with Google Ads

1. For new campaigns: use vouchers

If you set up a Google Ads account for the first time, you can benefit from Google vouchers. With the regular Google vouchers you can save 75 €. These will be credited when you set up an account for the first time. If you work together with an agency, they can often access even higher vouchers.

2. Minimise wastage

The most money can be saved in Google search engine campaigns by carefully selecting the keywords that are used, by asking yourself what is the chance that someone entering the keyword will do exactly what you want them to do.

Example: You run an online shop for olive oil and want to place search engine advertisements on Google. If you now enter the search term “olive oil” you will reach very different people. People who want to know how the oil is produced are looking for this term. Others may be looking for the health aspects behind the oil. Still others want to buy olive oil. The chance that you can get someone to buy from your online shop is low to medium. But if someone is looking for “Olive Oil Online Shop” you will reach exactly the user that is interesting for you and where the chance of a purchase is high.

Another method to reduce wastage in search engine advertising is not to book the search terms with “broad match”, but to choose “phrase” instead. This prevents the Google algorithm from spreading the ads too broadly. How to set exactly these keyword options can be read here.

3. Do not follow every advice note in the account

Once the campaign is up and running, you’ll quickly see in your Google Ads account various tips on how to optimise the current campaign. These advices should not be used blindly, but always question whether they really make sense for the campaign. Otherwise you might be spending unnecessary money.

4. Learn the Google Ads mechanics

The basic prerequisite to accomplish the previous point is of course to understand the mechanics behind Google Ads. This Google Adwords guide, for example, is very well suited for this. Also at Udemy there are a lot of good courses about Google Ads.

Wer nicht bereit ist, sich selbst das Wissen anzueignen, sollte mit einer Google-Ads-Agentur zusammenarbeiten. Trotz der zusätzlichen Kosten, wird man durch die höhere Effizienz Geld sparen können.

5. Be found again

For products with a longer decision process, time passes between the first search and the actual transaction. During this time window, several searches are often carried out, with the potential customer approaching the decision step by step. The first search may be about getting an idea of what exactly he wants. In the second search he might compare different companies. In the third search he might narrow down the offers. The last search is then about the final transaction.

But if the advertisement is not shown at 80% of the search requests, but at 10%, you have the problem that you might not be found again. A good visibility of the campaign can prevent this among other factors. Campaigns are in most cases more efficient if you cover a smaller geographical area, but have a stronger presence here instead of covering a large area (e.g. several countries) and have low visibility.

With remarketing it is possible to re-target users who have already been to the website before.This mechanism is quite cheap and ensures that the user will find or see your company again at a later point in time. Remarketing can be done either via Google search (possible for medium to large campaigns), the Google display network with banners or via non-Google channels such as Facebook ads.

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