Is a meeting necessary? Decision with 4 short and easy questions!

Meetings cost time, money and are often enough inefficient. The following 4 questions help you to check whether a meeting is really necessary or whether another way is perhaps better:

Question 1: Have you already dealt with the meeting topic in detail?

No: Take your time and deal with the topic on your own: structure your thoughts, evaluate possible solutions and define from whom you need which external input.

Yes: next question

Question 2: Do you need external input or decisions to continue with your project?

No: Start with your work. A meeting is not necessary!

Yes: next question

Question 3: Is real-time discussion necessary?

No: Then write an e-mail to the people concerned and ask for their input. In your e-mail, communicate which inputs you need exactly by when.

Yes: next question

Question 4: Is a personal Face-2-Face discussion necessary?

No: Then arrange a telephone call or a video conference.

Yes: Send out an invitation for the meeting.

Photo Credit: Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library. “Open Door meeting, 1929

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