9 sales tips: How to convince potential customers of your product

In business life, selling services and products is essential.

The following sales tips will help us to increase the chances of selling:

Sales tip 1: Be 100% convinced of your product

Those who stand behind their own product 100% and believe that it is the absolute best on the market will also be able to convince potential customers credibly.

Sales tip 2: Know your product

When selling a product you will always have to deal with objections from potential buyers. Therefore, you must be able to get rid of any counter-arguments in a quick-witted manner. It is even better if you build up your product presentation accordingly in advance so that these objections do not arise at all.

Sales tip 3: Listen to the potential customer

If you want to sell, you must first be able to assess the concrete needs of your counterpart. It is therefore important to listen. All the information that you gain by listening during a conversation can be used to convince the other party of the product or service even better. You know what is important to the customer and can show the customer that your offer is ideal for them.

Sales tip 4: Learn from your sales conversations

Learn from every sales conversation with a customer. After each conversation, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What has been particularly well received?
  • What was less well received and how can it be improved next time?
  • What objections did the customer have and what counter-arguments did I bring forward?
  • How can I eliminate these objections in advance in future?

Sales tip 5: Not everything is always as it seems

Even if the customer tells you that the price is too high, this does not necessarily mean that he is not willing to pay the price or even more. Therefore it does not mean that you have to offer the customer a cheaper product. Often the chance is to bring an expensive product into play, which is even better suited to your customer’s needs.

Sales tip 6: Sales is people business

The most important thing in selling is the person and not the product. You will only succeed in selling if you build up trust with your counterpart and there is mutual appreciation.

Sales tip 7: Shown is more credible than spoken

If possible, you should show your product to your potential customer in a practical way, because nothing is more convincing than a real experience. Many companies are already aware of this and use this strategy successfully. Here are a few examples:

  • Test drive when buying a car
  • Test licence for software products
  • Tasting in the supermarket
  • Product demonstration in the electronics store

Sales tip 8: Know why you are better than the competition

Knowing the weaknesses of competitors can be a huge advantage when selling. By exploiting these weaknesses, you will find it easier to convince a potential buyer, even if he or she compares you to your competitors.

Sales tip 9: Develop yourself

In selling, as in any other field of activity, you can improve by learning and trying. There is a wide range of opportunities to do this, from sales seminars and online courses to books.

Book recommendations about sales:

The following books offer you additional sales tips to deepen your knowledge in this area

  • Sell or get Sold, Grant Cardone (Amazon)
  • To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Daniel H. Pink (Amazon)

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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner
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