10 questions to which you should subject your company website before the Golive

A corporate website is one of the most important communication channels for any company. Before the Golive, therefore, it should be ensured that the website fulfils its purpose and is understandable and user-friendly. These 10 questions can help you to evaluate the situation.

  1. Is all important information accessible to the user with less than 3 clicks?
  2. Is it clear at first glance what you offer and what you stand for?
  3. Do all functions built into the website work? (e.g. online shop, calculator)
  4. Do all links work?
  5. Are no more placeholder texts online?
  6. Is the loading time of the website not too long?
  7. Is the website also displayed correctly on mobile devices?
  8. Is the website displayed correctly in all common browsers?
  9. Do the e-mails sent with an online form on the website arrive?
  10. Are the imprint, general terms and conditions and licensing information included?

A more detailed checklist can be found in this article from us.

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