10 questions to find ideas for your next blog post

A blog can bring many advantages for a company. However, it is often difficult to find new ideas for blog posts.

These 10 questions will help you:

  • Is there anything new in your company that you can report on? (e.g. new products, new product features, new locations, new employees, events etc.)
  • Are there any new studies, statistics, books or articles that are worth reading and useful for your target group?
  • How can you give the reader a better insight into your everyday business? (stories, anecdotes, customer projects, etc.)
  • Is there an interesting internal project you can report on?
  • Is there someone you can interview for a new blog post? (e.g. customers, employees, experts, etc.)
  • Are there any questions the target group asks that have not been answered yet?
  • Is there a topic you can help the target group with?
  • Is there a previous blog post that could be extended by revising it?
  • Is there a possibility to look back into the past or to make a forecast for the future?
  • Is there an experience you want to share with the target group?

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