50+ marketing ideas for hairdressers / hair salons

Marketingideen für Friseure/Friseursalons | Marketingideas for hairdressers

As a hairdresser, it is important to make your hair salon stand out from the competition and attract new clients. In this article, we will share several creative marketing strategies for hairdressers that can help you expand your reach and grow your client base. Whether you already have experience in marketing or you’re just looking for new ideas, this article will provide you with many practical tips and ideas to take your business to the next level.

35 creative marketing ideas for hairdressers

  1. Social Media: Use social media to raise awareness of your hair salon. Create an Instagram or Facebook page, post pictures of your work regularly, and share customer reviews.
  2. Client reviews: Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on your website or on Google. Positive reviews help attract new customers.
  3. Blog: Create a blog to keep clients informed about current trends and techniques in the hair industry.
  4. Newsletter: Send a monthly newsletter to clients with special offers and news from your salon. (A good service for newsletters is Mailchimp, for example).
  5. Collaborations: Work with other businesses in your area to create joint offers (e.g. employee discounts) or plan events (e.g. regional beauty day).
  6. Influencer Marketing: work with influencers who can promote your services on their social media channels.
  7. Referral program: create a referral program where clients receive a discount or reward for bringing new clients to your salon.
  8. Charity events: Organize events for charity and donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit organization.
  9. SEO: Optimize your website for search engines to be found better in search results.
  10. Email marketing: send personalized emails to clients with offers or special events at your salon.
  11. Raffles: Give away coupons or products on your social media channels to gain more followers.
  12. Gift certificates: Offer gift certificates for special occasions like birthdays or weddings.
  13. Online booking: Offer online booking for customers to simplify the booking process.
  14. Trainings: Offer training for customers who want to learn how to style their own hair.
  15. Special promotions: Offer special discounts or deals on certain occasions like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.
  16. Podcast: Start a podcast where you talk about topics like beauty, hair care and styling.
  17. Video tutorials: create video tutorials for customers who want to learn how to style their hair.
  18. Theme nights: Host theme nights at your salon, such as “Girls Night Out” or “Gentlemen’s Evening,” where clients can receive special offers.
  19. School collaborations: Collaborate with schools or hairdressing training centers to support aspiring stylists and attract new talent.
  20. Customer surveys: Conduct regular customer surveys to get feedback on and improve your services and offerings.
  21. VIP Customer Program: Create a VIP customer program where customers who regularly use your services receive special benefits such as free upgrades or exclusive offers.
  22. Flashmob: Organize a downtown flashmob where dancers with eye-catching hairstyles and clothing dance through the streets handing out flyers that draw attention to your salon.
  23. Social media challenge: Create a social media challenge where customers post photos of their hair and tag your salon in their posts. The winner will receive a free haircut or other prizes.
  24. Hair Fashion Show: Organize a hair fashion show where your stylists showcase their latest creations.
  25. Guerrilla Marketing: Use guerrilla marketing and hand out flyers in the form of small haircuts or curlers to draw attention to your salon.
  26. Hair Beer Garden: Turn your salon into a hair beer garden where customers can style their hair and enjoy a cold beer during a happy hour.
  27. Hair and Makeup Parties: Organize hair and makeup parties for bachelorette parties or other special occasions.
  28. Pop-up store: open a temporary hair pop-up salon in various locations, such as shopping malls, to draw attention to your salon.
  29. Hair Scouts: Train scouts to go out and find customers who need help with their hair, and hand out flyers or coupons.
  30. Hair Workshops: Offer hair workshops for children and teens to get young people interested in hairdressing.
  31. Hair Beauty Box: Offer a monthly beauty box that includes hair care and styling products recommended by your stylists.
  32. Hair Wellness: Offer wellness services such as scalp massages or hair treatments to pamper and relax clients.
  33. Painting contest: Organize a painting contest for children in which they can create a small work of art on the theme of hair & beauty. The winner gets a free haircut or other prizes.
  34. Hairdresser Truck: Open a hairdresser truck with which you drive from location to location and offer your service to customers there.

Hair salon marketing with advertising

Advertising is an important part of raising the profile of your salon and attracting the attention of potential customers. In this section we will present some ideas for hair salon marketing with advertising. From traditional advertising channels like TV and radio to modern online platforms like social media and influencer marketing, there are numerous ways to reach your target audience and draw attention to your salon. Whether you have a small budget or want to invest generously – in this section you will surely find a suitable marketing idea to successfully promote your business.

  1. TV advertising: Place ads on local TV stations to draw attention to your salon.
  2. Radio advertising: Place commercials on local radio stations to reach potential customers.
  3. Billboard advertising: Put up billboards around town to draw attention to your services.
  4. Newspaper ads: Place ads in local newspapers and magazines to reach customers.
  5. Online advertising: Place ads on social media platforms and other online channels to reach customers.
  6. Search engine advertising: Place ads on search engines like Google to reach people searching for hair salons in your area (if you don’t want to do this yourself, you can also work with an agency like
  7. Bus advertising: design buses or streetcars with your salon logo and an eye-catching advertising message.
  8. Cab advertising: place ads on cabs to reach a wider audience.
  9. Window advertising: Create eye-catching window displays to attract customers to your salon.
  10. Influencer advertising: collaborate with influencers or bloggers to promote your services on their social media channels.
  11. Geolocation advertising: use geolocation to target potential customers near your salon.

Hairdresser marketing with cooperations

When it comes to raising the profile of your hair salon and attracting new customers, creativity is key. Another way to achieve this is to collaborate with other businesses and organizations to carry out joint marketing campaigns. In this section, we will share some ideas for collaborations with other businesses that can help improve your hair salon marketing and take your salon to the next level. From collaborations with fashion stores to fitness studios, there are many ways to increase your reach and attract new clients.

  1. Cooperation with fashion store: Cooperate with a fashion store to offer clothing and hairstyling services to customers as a package.
  2. Cooperation with tour operator or hotels: Offer hair styling services for tourists through cooperation with local tour operators or hotels.
  3. Cooperation with jewelry store: cooperate with local jeweler to offer matching hair jewelry and accessories to customers.
  4. Cooperation with cosmetic manufacturer: Offer special unique combination products, e.g. shampoos and conditioners from a cosmetic manufacturer, to attract customers.
  5. Cooperation with restaurant: Offer coupons or discounts for customers who eat at a restaurant after their haircut or styling.
  6. Cooperation with wedding planer: Cooperate with a wedding planer to bundle your hairdressing services into a complete wedding package.
  7. Cooperate with perfumery: Offer perfume samples or discounts to customers who shop at a nearby perfumery.

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