10 questions you should ask yourself when planning an online shop

Are you planning a new online shop for your company? These 10 questions will help you with planning and conception.

  • Who is the target group of your online shop?
  • Which products should be offered in the online shop?
  • What is the reason why users should buy in your online shop and not in another one?
  • Which pricing strategy should be used?
  • Who should be able to order the products and who not?
  • Which payment options should be offered?
  • How should users be made aware of the online shop?
  • How should existing buyers be bound to the shop?
  • How should possible weaknesses of the shop be recognised early on?
  • How should the shop be implemented in concrete terms?

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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner
Founder RiskPlayWin | Owner & Founder of the digital marketing agencies morethandigital.com & PEAKFOCUS.agency