10 questions you should ask yourself when optimizing your Google Ads campaign

Search engine advertising with Google Ads has become a standard marketing tool for many entrepreneurs, self-employed people and founders. For a campaign to run as efficiently as possible and achieve the desired results, optimisation is essential. If you manage the Google Ads campaign yourself, then the following 10 questions will assist you with the optimisation:

  • Which ad versions work better than others?
  • Which keywords cause high costs but do not produce the desired results?
  • Which keywords should be excluded so that the campaign has less wastage?
  • Can ad groups be divided up so that the target groups can be addressed more precisely and differentiated?
  • Is the visibility of the ads high enough so that I can be found even with a second search?
  • Are there any specific devices that are less effective in achieving the desired results?
  • How do the users generated with Google Ads behave on the website? (e.g. length of stay, navigation behaviour, differences according to ad group)
  • Are there regions where the campaign is more economical than in other areas?
  • What are the top 10 keywords when it comes to achieving the campaign objectives?
  • What new ideas/tests can be tried to discover new potentials in the campaign?

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