10 questions you should ask yourself during search engine optimisation of a single page

A good organic ranking in search engines is important to be found by the target group on the internet. Search engine optimisation helps to improve the chances of a good ranking.

As a general rule, you should only optimise a single page for a single search term (e.g. start page is optimised for the search term XY, product page is optimised for the term ZZ, etc.).

The following 10 questions will help you with the OnPage optimisation of a single page:

  • For which search term should the respective page be optimised? (You can find this out with the tool for example)
  • Is the search term included in the page title?
  • Is the search term part of the page URL? (e.g. term)
  • Does the search term appear in the first paragraph?
  • Is the word count of the respective page more than 400 words? (This is important so that the search engine can understand the topic of your website)
  • Does the search term appear in the text at frequent intervals? (e.g. in continuous text, in subheadings, in lists).
  • Does the site offer useful information for the reader, so that the reader does not jump off directly when visiting it?
  • Are meta-description and the meta-title given? (This is the text that appears as an excerpt in the search engine)
  • Is the loading time of the desktop and mobile website good? (You can analyse this with the Google Pagespeed Tool)
  • Is the website user-friendly on mobile devices? (Google offers a Mobile Friendly Check for this purpose)

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