10 questions you should ask yourself when preparing an offer

The preparation of offers is part of everyday work for many self-employed people. These 10 questions can help you to make a holistic and attractive offer for your potential customers, which at the same time offers you as an entrepreneur more security.

  1. Is the scope of services clearly stated in the offer?
  2. Does the offer state which services are explicitly not covered?
  3. Is there an advantage to be seen in the offer, why the potential customer should definitely work with you?
  4. Have you considered all important cost factors in the offer price? (e.g. safety buffer, licence costs, etc.)
  5. Is reference made to the general terms and conditions in the offer? (e.g. to define the place of jurisdiction in case of legal disputes)
  6. Are the general conditions mentioned in the offer? (e.g. in which time frame the project will be carried out, number of feedback loops etc.)
  7. Are the payment modalities specified? (e.g. payment target)
  8. Is specified until when the offer is valid?
  9. Are there optional additional paid services that you can list?
  10. Are granted discounts or free services listed?

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Christian Wagner
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