10 questions you should ask yourself when evaluating the cost of a new business account

There are now a large number of banks who provide business accounts on the market. In self-employment it is therefore not always easy to compare the costs and offers of business accounts. The following questions can help you to evaluate the offers:

  1. How many account transactions do I expect per year?
  2. What are the monthly costs of holding the account?
  3. What are the fees for depositing / withdrawing cash?
  4. What fees are charged for the ATM card?
  5. What are the fees for the credit card?
  6. What securities does the bank require for issuing a credit card?
  7. What is the interest rate? (for overdraft, credit interest, etc.)
  8. What loans are offered by the bank for business customers?
  9. What other services & support does the bank offer to its business customers?
  10. Where is the Bank located?

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