10 questions to end your day

Many successful entrepreneurs keep a daily journal to sort their thoughts and provide clarity. The following 10 questions can help you to review and conclude your day.

  1. For which 3 things am I grateful today?
  2. Which 3 things that are important to me have I done today?
  3. What was the best moment of the day?
  4. What worked well?
  5. What could I do better?
  6. What did I learn today?
  7. What ideas did I have today?
  8. Which 3 important goals do I want to achieve tomorrow?
  9. What is currently my most important goal?
  10. What values do I stand for as a person?

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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner
Founder RiskPlayWin | Owner & Founder of the digital marketing agencies morethandigital.com & PEAKFOCUS.agency